9 Spiritual Healing Pictures

Painted by the spiritual being Ming
as conveyed to Steen Kofoed

Spiritual Healings

Painted by the spiritual being Ming as conveyed to Steen Kofoed

This box contains 9 Spiritual Healing Pictures (each 21×21 cm)
plus a protection picture for the home
plus 28 cards (with mantra and mediation sentences) (each 6×9 cm)
Painted by Steen Kofoed

The 9 Spiritual Healing Pictures are painted of a spiritual being, who wishes to be called Ming. Medium Steen Kofoed created the pictures in physical form by allowing Ming to paint through him.
These Spiritual Healing Pictures can be used for deep self-healing or as a source of inspiration.
In addition to the 9 Spiritual Healing Pictures, there is also a set of 28 mm cards (with mantra and meditation sentences)

(01) Contents
(02) Advice on how to use the cards
(03) Information on the 9 spiritual pictures
(04) to (12) The 9 spiritual healing pictures
(13) Information on the protective picture
(14) The protective picture
(15) How a person can be healed using a picture
(16) Information on Ming and Steen Kofoed
(17) Disclaimer
(18) Diverse

About me

For the past 35 years, I have worked in co-operation with the spiritual being, Ming and painted Spiritual Healings Pictures.

When I paint these pictures, Ming comes and overshadows me.

A healing picture enables direct connection to that part of the individual that can create harmony, balance and/or begin a spiritual transformation.